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Online Paid surveys list. Make money in your spare time telling companies what your opionion is.

Click for Free StuffOnline Paid surveys list. Make money in your spare time telling companies what your opionion is.









Free Paid Survey Company List.


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  All of the companies listed here are "free to join" paid survey companies. We recommend you use the list below as a "master list" as some of companies listed here have similar lists that are near duplicates of those here. At each of the survey sites listed below complete your registration, and then return to this master list to join your next company. In many cases you don't have to complete your profile while there, in this case and to save you time you'll simply need to complete your profile section section once you have your paid survey companies all lined up and ready to go. (All links will open in a new window to make it easier for you.)

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Paid Online Survey Sites #41 to #60




      Company & Link                                        Description



Team Look There are lots of ways for you to get involved with Team Look and earn extra cash while sharing your opinions. As a survey respondent you'll get paid $5 per completed survey and each time you fill out a new poll you are entered to win cool prizes. You can also be involved as a writer, reporter, photographer, or respondent manager (recruiter). (USA Only)  




Music Rewards Join Sony Music Rewards and earn points for listening to music clips and keeping up with your favorite artists from B2K to Shakira - and more! Redeem your points for great savings on Sony CDs, DVDs and electronics! (USA Only)  
  43 Survey Cafe Let the decision makers know how you feel about their products and services by participating in our online surveys. For certain surveys, our clients provide additional incentives for participation such as cash, other gifts or a drawing for an all-expenses-paid long weekend getaway for two to Survey Cafe's home town in Vermont. (USA Only)  
  44 Brand Institute As a BRAND INSTITUTE panel member, you have the power to shape the future competitive landscape in industries ranging from pharmaceutical to consumer products. (USA Only)  
  45 IntelliSurvey IntelliSurvey is currently seeking participants for our on-line surveys. Our surveys are fun and generally very quick. Compensation varies by project, and can include cash, a chance to win prizes, and the opportunity to compare your answers with those of others. (USA Only)  
  46 Click IQ With ClickIQ, you will advise companies by answering online surveys, reviewing new products, previewing marketing messages, and sharing your opinions and knowledge in online focus groups. Each survey earns you IQPoints, which can be redeemed for cash. (USA Only)  
  47 Socratic Forum Socratic Forum members participate in state-of-the-art Web-based surveys about the hottest new technologies and software, e-commerce innovations, business-to-business products and services, and forces driving the global economy. Survey participation is always 100% voluntary, and all information provided to us remains confidential. In exchange, we reward our members by offering access to new information and/or opportunities to receive cash, online gift certificates, and other rewards. (USA Only)  
  48 AMG Insider Club As an AMG Insider, you’ll have an opportunity to play a role in the future of allmusic by participating in surveys on potential new features and other changes. You’ll also be among the first to receive news and announcements from us. Make your voice heard. Become an AMG Insider. (USA Only)  
  49 BetaSphere Join the Club BetaSphere community and become a New Product Evaluator! Be the "first on your block" to try new products and services FREE, before other consumers and businesses even know they exist! We make these products available, not because we want to sell you anything, but because the companies we work with are eager to get your reaction and feedback. Some of the world's top companies are waiting to hear what you have to say. (USA Only)  
  50 BizRate Panel Complete and submit the Registration Survey and you'll automatically be entered in our sweepstakes for a chance to win $1,000! Once a registered member of the Online Research Panel, you'll be invited from time to time to provide your opinions about products and services offered by major online and offline companies. And, you'll have the chance to win some great prizes every time you complete a survey! Sweepstakes entry. (USA Only)  




Pfizer Advisor Then sign up to become a Pfizer Advisor. Tell us how we can better meet your needs and we'll thank you with regular savings and features. (USA Only)  




Opinion Site As a member of Opinionsite you are eligible to answer surveys and polls with chances to win from hundreds of cash prizes. Based upon your completed profile, we will target surveys to you that match your interests and activities. By answering these surveys, you have the opportunity to help companies develop better products and services that meet your changing needs. With each survey you complete, you will be entered into a cash prize drawing. The more you participate, the more chances you have of winning. (USA Only)  




I Think Inc Surveys under 10 questions (not counting qualifying questions) usually have a drawing for one cash prize. Surveys over 10 questions usually offer an individual incentive to those who complete the entire questionnaire. Payment is by check from i.think inc.drawn on a US bank, usually in amounts from $2 to $10. (USA Only)  




Question Market is a survey site where the goal is objective privacy-safe market research. We don't sell anything. We just want to know what you think about various topics and your privacy is protected. Sweepstakes.  




iOpinion Online Surveys generally take less than 10 minutes to complete. Instructions on how and when to complete them will be e-mailed to you. Your payment for participation will be mailed to you (averages $2-$5 for a short survey). (USA Only)  




SongPeople Songpeople conducts offline and online research for the music industry. We give away 100's of latest CDs every month.  




FGI Research This is your opportunity to count...your opinions will be heard by some of the largest companies in the world! Plus, our panelists are eligible for great cash prizes and other rewards just for participating in our surveys. Cash for surveys and sweepstakes. (USA Only)  




PowerPanel Thank you for your interest in joining the JDPowerPanel, an exclusive online community of consumers who help companies improve the quality of services and products. JDPowerPanel members receive points for completing surveys that can be redeemed for gifts, electronics or donations to charity. (USA Only)  




Media Transfer You will receive virtual points for participation in our projects - our so-called MTs - which you can exchange with our bonus partners such as Amazon. (USA Only)  




BigLook Through online surveys and in-person meetings, members are exposed to new products, services, advertisements and web sites. (USA Only)  


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